February 26, 2012

My First TUSAL!

So, my first TUSAL and I'm late! Well, better late than never I say.  I haven't been stitching much but I did do a lot of stitching yesterday which is reflected in my jar.  Everyone seems to have great pics of theirs, so I used the desk calendar which has cute pictures on it.  Hope to stitch more today.  Here it is!

February 20, 2012

February IHSW

So February was my second official IHSW and I am sorely disappointed in myself.  I hardly got any stitching done.  I had grand ideas of all this stitching I was gonna get done...and didn't.  Friday night I was all ready to stitch, but my stomach was acting up and so I felt like laying on the couch and doing nothing...which I did and then I fell asleep early...so no stitching done on Friday.  Saturday I had a bunch of errands to run, left home at 830am and didn't get home until 5pm...I did go and see the movie The Vow which was very good btw.  I did do some stitching on one of my 15 Crazy Crosstitch Challenge.  I can't remember who the designer is, but it's called Baa Baa Baa and it has 3 little sheep.  I am sure it'll look great when it is done, but it is not very exciting to work on.  It's all white, ecru, light blue that looks like white, light peach that looks like white...so pretty boring. But I can see the round shape of sheep #1.  Sunday, what did I do?? I didn't sleep well the night before so I dozed some and didn't feel the stitchy bug.  Then the hubs and I went to PF Changs.  Super yummy!!! I finally did hanker down and start stitching on my Asian project.  I was really in the groove and stitched for several hours.  Finally quit at midnight because I had to get up early and go to work.  So, some stitching done, but not as much as I would have liked...but heres to another IHSW!!!

February 3, 2012

January Wrap Up!

So the first month of 2012 was okay.  Full of some sickness and some health and hoping that February proves to be a better month than January.  The good things: I got my new stove in January. Yea!   I started my Crazy Crosstitch Challenge in January.  I started 15 projects, some WIPs and some new ones.  I finished one! Yea! The bad, well, I got my first cold since being diagnosed with RA almost 2 years ago.  It was a doozy.  I am on immune supressing medicines which makes me somewhat more vunerable and I could tell with this cold.  It was a long drawn out illness and I missed 2 days of work and I am so glad that it is finally gone. That was the longest cold I have ever had! I also got put on blood pressure medicine.  Bummer!  One of my RA medicines causes my blood pressure to be high. So yea, a new drug.  But if it helps then I am okay with it.    I also had 2 biopsies on 2 moles and they came back atypical, but not cancer. So yea!  Then Robert (the hubs) had to get a biopsy on his thyroid for a nodule the doctors found.  Read between the lines, needles, pain and no anesthesia.  The the waiting started.  We had to wait about 5 days to get the results.  There were 3 outcomes: 1 cancer 2 not cancer and 3 inconclusive. It was a long 5 days, but great news, the nodule is benign so no cancer. So, double yea!!  So even though we had a trying month, it all ended with good news.  Robert and I just have to both follow up with our respective doctors in six months.  We feel blessed this month and are grateful for our health even though we had a little bit of an unhealthly start to the year. Here's to a great and healthly February 2012!!!

Me and the Hubs!

Friday Night Foodie!

So tonight for dinner I had decided to make fettucine alfredo with chicken.  Well, I have a pasta maker that attaches to my KitchenAid mixer so I decided to make fresh pasta.  It was only my second time making pasta.  It was all so yummy and worth the extra time to make it all from scratch.  To me it tasted just as good as Olive Garden.  First I mixed the dough to make the pasta.  Just eggs and flour.  Then I let it rest for about 15 minutes or so.  Then I cooked the chicken.  Attached the pasta roller to the mixer and flattened the dough and made the fettucine.  Lastly I made the alfredo from scratch.  It was real butter, real whipping cream and parmesan cheese.  A little salt, better and nutmeg and we were ready to go.  Definitely not a healthy meal but it was so yummy.  Will definately make this again..  Don't really wanna know how much fat was actually in the sauce. 

My pasta dough resting.

Making the fettucine

Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken