February 3, 2012

January Wrap Up!

So the first month of 2012 was okay.  Full of some sickness and some health and hoping that February proves to be a better month than January.  The good things: I got my new stove in January. Yea!   I started my Crazy Crosstitch Challenge in January.  I started 15 projects, some WIPs and some new ones.  I finished one! Yea! The bad, well, I got my first cold since being diagnosed with RA almost 2 years ago.  It was a doozy.  I am on immune supressing medicines which makes me somewhat more vunerable and I could tell with this cold.  It was a long drawn out illness and I missed 2 days of work and I am so glad that it is finally gone. That was the longest cold I have ever had! I also got put on blood pressure medicine.  Bummer!  One of my RA medicines causes my blood pressure to be high. So yea, a new drug.  But if it helps then I am okay with it.    I also had 2 biopsies on 2 moles and they came back atypical, but not cancer. So yea!  Then Robert (the hubs) had to get a biopsy on his thyroid for a nodule the doctors found.  Read between the lines, needles, pain and no anesthesia.  The the waiting started.  We had to wait about 5 days to get the results.  There were 3 outcomes: 1 cancer 2 not cancer and 3 inconclusive. It was a long 5 days, but great news, the nodule is benign so no cancer. So, double yea!!  So even though we had a trying month, it all ended with good news.  Robert and I just have to both follow up with our respective doctors in six months.  We feel blessed this month and are grateful for our health even though we had a little bit of an unhealthly start to the year. Here's to a great and healthly February 2012!!!

Me and the Hubs!

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Linda said...

Aww Dana...hoping for healthy,blessed days for you and hubby this new month. So glad his test came back benign and your over your big cold. I thought my week was long and exhausting until I read your post. Then I thought differently afterwards ;) My week was nothing compared to the month you were having.

Take care-